04 Dec 2017

The roof of your commercial property is your first line of defense in a Florida storm, which also makes it the most vulnerable. Maintaining your commercial roof can extend its lifespan and reduce unnecessary and costly expenses.

Here’s are top 5 tips for maintaining your commercial roof:

Choose the right type of commercial roofing products. Select materials that offer high performance and durability, even if it means investing a little more up front. Remember, roofing for businesses act as insulation, which helps make your property energy efficient.
Remove all debris and clutter. Debris can trap and hole water, which will promote roof deterioration at a faster rate. Routinely check pipes, skylights, pitch pans, HVAC units and other equipment for leaves, twigs, and other debris, as they are the perfect locations for gathering.
Check all gutters and drains. Routinely pour water down each drain and make sure they are open functioning properly. Clear them of debris or clogs that could lead to leaks.
Trim back any trees that hang over the roof and can cause additional debris. A rogue branch can do a lot of damage in a Florida storm, so it’s best to stay on top of regular tree maintenance.
Schedule regular roof inspections with a professional roof contractor twice a year. A regular roof inspection will review the roof’s condition and detect any issues. It’s best to schedule right before the wet season and right after.
To make sure that your commercial roof continues to function properly, please contact us for your Tampa Bay commercial roofing needs. Call now for a free estimate.