04 Dec 2017

During hurricane season, it’s important you take steps to protect your home from damage, and you can start by safeguarding your roof. Although you might feel tempted to overlook the importance of preparing your roof for hurricane season, doing so will put you in more danger than you realize. As long as you follow the right process and prepare for the worst of Tampa weather, you can significantly reduce your odds of receiving hurricane damage. If you don’t know where to start, the following information will point you down the right path.

Trim Your Trees

The powerful winds that come with a hurricane can blow down trees and branches, and the falling debris can harm your roof. Trimming your trees before a hurricane strikes will go a long way to reduce the threat to which you are exposed. When you cut or trim a tree, ensure that you take safety precautions.

Clean Your Gutters

As time goes on, Tampa weather can cause leaves and branches to build up and clog your gutters, and you won’t always notice the problem right away. However, the heavy rainfall of a hurricane can cause your gutters to overflow, and this situation can make your roof leak. Using a ladder and pair of gloves, remove anything that could block the flow of water.

Replace Damaged or Missing Shingles

When you experience a hurricane, the wind can remove weak or damaged shingles without much effort, and the exposed area will make it much easier for the hurricane to cause additional damage to your roof. You will need to get some extra shingles and a set of tools to find and replace problem spots.

Tie Your Roof Down

No matter how strong your roof might be, it won’t be able to withstand the full force of a powerful hurricane on its own. Unless you take steps to prevent this issue from occurring, you can lose your roof before you know it. You can avoid danger by going to the hardware store and buying supplies that will allow you to tie your roof down. Doing so will make it much stronger, and you will have peace of mind once you complete the project.

Get a Roof Inspection

When preparing your roof for hurricane season is at the front of your mind, getting a roof inspection is one of the most critical things that you can do. A roof inspection will ensure that your home is ready for any Tampa weather that you might encounter. While it could cost a little more up front, getting hurricane roof protection is an investment that will offer impressive returns.

At Handyman Roofing, we have over 35 years of experience performing Tampa roofing inspections for our customers. To learn more about our roofing inspection process, please contact us.