04 Dec 2017

Looking to tackle some do-it-yourself roof repair this season? Remember, it’s a long way to the ground and the landing comes quick. Here are tips for staying safe on the roof.

Roof Safety Basics

Wear good shoes. Leave the sneakers and sandals inside, they won’t be up to the task. You’ll want a good pair of rubber-soled work boots with no worn-down thread. This will prevent any slipping and sliding.
Use a sturdy ladder that is level with the ground and has proper booties. Make sure the ladder is tall enough. Most houses require a 24-foot ladder for single story and 28-foot ladder for two stories.
Secure yourself with a roof safety harness. If the roof is higher than 10 ft, consider a roofing hardness to ensure safety.
Clear the Area

Block off work area below the roof and mark the ground beneath to let people know you’ll be working above.
Clearly identify and keep away from hazards such as powerlines and roof pitches.
Keep the roof swept clear of dirt and debris
Have a Buddy

Never work on a roof by yourself. Have a spotter for getting items up and down or use a bucket system for simple supply transporting.
Watch the Weather

Shingles damage easily and may not lie or seal properly in extreme heat or cold.
Wet roofs are slippery and dangerous. Avoid working on the roof during or immediately after rain.
Watch out for wind. It doesn’t take much to create an unsafe situation.
Use Caution

Slate and tile roofs are not only easy to damage walking on them, they pose a falling risk if a tile breaks or comes out.
Secure power tools with short lengths of rope, and familiarize yourself with their safe operation.
Know When to Call the Professionals

If you don’t feel confident tackling the job, leave the work to the professionals.  Handyman Roofing specializes in emergency roof repairs in the Tampa Bay area. With over 35 years of experience, roof safety is our number one priority. Call for fast, friendly service. If you need us, we’ll be there.