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Common Roof Repair Questions in Florida

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Dealing with roofing questions can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. Every day, we receive questions about roofing from our clients as to what they can expect from roof repairs, roof replacement, cost, project duration, etc. Below are a few of our most frequently asked client roofing questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my shingle roof?

Due to the fragile nature of shingle roofs, most experts agree that cleaning a shingle roof is a task best left to the roofing professionals.

While pressure cleaning a shingle roof may easily remove algae and moss, it will also blast away a few roof shingles in the process. Pressure cleaning weakens the remaining shingles and could turn into a dangerous situation for someone not trained with roof safety. The act also voids your warranty and could end up costing you more money in the long run. The risk of personal safety and roof damage is too great. We recommend contacting a professional to have your shingle roof chemically cleaned under low pressure.

It’s also important to note that most shingle roofs installed in Florida are anti-fungal and algae resistant. Shingle roofs made up of algae resistant shingles are typically covered under warranty and should go through a warranty inspection process.

Handyman Roofing is trained and qualified for shingle roof repair and installation for all brands of shingles distributed in Florida. Our Tampa Bay roofing contractors know how to clean a shingle roof and will provide you with first rate service. Contact us today for a warranty inspection.

Can I clean my tile roof?

A regular tile roof cleaning is a great way of ensuring the ideal condition of your tile roof. Not only does a regular cleaning extend roof longevity, but it adds aesthetic value and can save you money by addressing minor damages before they grow into greater problems. A healthy roof is a strong roof.

Tile roof manufacturers recommend utilizing a low pressure system for cleaning tile roofs. Often homeowners make the mistake of using high pressure cleaning methods, which will remove the factory finish, void your warranty, and increase the frequency of cleanings. Due to the sensitive nature of tile roofs – and risk of damage if done incorrectly – we recommend tile roofs be chemically cleaned under low pressure and should be done by a tile roof cleaning professional. Hiring a tile roof cleaning professional will save you time, money, and a headache in the long run.

Our team at Handyman Roofing is equipped to handle any type of tile roof repair. Fully licensed and insured, we have all the experience necessary for tile roof work. If you’re looking for tile roof cleaning professional in Tampa, contact us today for more information.

How soon can you repair my roof?

During the Tampa Bay rainy season we get extremely busy and are often asked how long roof repairs in Tampa take or how soon we can do the work. We will always perform the work as soon as possible!  If we do get backed up we will do a temporary patch to stop the water intrusion until we can perform the actual work.  If you see signs of any roof leak do not wait until it rains, get it fixed right away.

Your roof is one of your greatest assets in your home. Even the smallest leak can cause considerable damage to your home. It’s important to correct roofing damage quickly and we have a team ready to deliver the best roofing turnaround time to protect your home. Contact us today to inquire about how our team of professionals can provide you with superior service.

Do you use subcontractors?

All of our estimators, roofers and supervisors on our experienced Tampa Bay roofing team are Handyman Roofing employees and not sub-contractors and all are covered on our workers comp insurance. We provide each of our customers with prompt, courteous and efficient services and an affordable package that fits your budget.

Our experienced Tampa Bay roofing team is well-versed in Florida building codes that vary from county to county throughout the Tampa Bay area. Handyman Roofing is licensed by the state of Florida and fully insured.

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Do you offer roof financing options?

If you’re in need of a new roof or a roof repair, we offer convenient financing options, subject to approved credit.
Contact us today for a free estimate for your roofing repair or replacement needs. We provide customers with first rate, high quality products in an affordable package that fits your budget.

Do you tarp roofs?

We are asked if we tarp roofs occasionally, and the answer is Yes, when necessary we install a temporary roof tarp.
Our team of Handyman Roofing contractors have the proven experience and skills to ensure the service you receive is dependable, efficient and prompt. Contact us today for a free estimate and with any temporary roof repair tarp questions!

Can you do a temporary / emergency roof repair?

Yes, in some emergency instances, when we are unable to begin the work right away, we will perform a temporary roof repair to help prevent any further water intrusion. Call us now for your emergency roof repair!

Can you just put some tar on the leaky area?

NO!  All work performed by us is done according to our professional roofing standards in accordance with the Florida Building Code and in a lot of instances it could worsen the damage.

Do you repair ceiling water damage as well?

Yes, we are able to repair ceiling water damage and inside walls also. Our roofing services include repairing ceiling water damage and damage to inside walls caused by roof leaks.

Can I get a ballpark roof repair price over the phone?

No, we need to see the actual roof and area that needs to be repaired to be able to give an accurate roof repair estimate, but the good news is the estimate is free!

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Do you have to get a permit for my roof repair job?

Most areas require a building permit for a roof, however there are some municipalities in the Tampa Bay Area that do not require a permit for small roof repairs, although most do.

Our team of roofing contractors at Handyman Roofing are trained in Florida building codes that can vary in each county. Our licensed roofing contractors have the proven experience and skill to complete your roof with superior materials and exceptional customer service.

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Do I need to be home for the roof repair estimate?

Yes, you need to be home for the roof estimate. We may need to get inside the attic and will need someone to show the origin of the roof leak.

Our team of roofing contractors at Handyman Roofing are trained in Florida building codes that can vary in each county. Our licensed roofing contractors have the proven experience and skill to complete your roof with superior materials and exceptional customer service.

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What does it mean when I see a depression in my roof?

If you notice an area in your roof sagging you should call us immediately. A depression in your roof means there is a very good chance there is rotted wood in that area causing the sag in the roof and it should be checked immediately.

Our team of contractors at Handyman Roofing is well-versed in roofing problems such as depressions in your roof. Contact us today for a free estimate!

What does it mean when the fascia and or soffit is rotted?

The most likely cause for rotted soffit or fascia is a roof leak around the perimeter of the roof.  A roof inspection should be completed  immediately, before more damage is done.
Getting the soffit and fascia on your roof inspected is easy when you contact Handyman Roofing. Our qualified team of Tampa Bay roofing professionals can provide you with a free estimate to solve your roof problems and are experienced to know how to repair soffit and fascia on your roof.
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What does it mean when my shingles are sticking up?

There can be several causes for roofing shingles to stick up. If the roof is newer, the shingle that is sticking up should be resealed before a leak occurs.  On older roofs this can be a sign of aging and drying out and should be checked by a professional.

Our professional Tampa Bay roofing team at Handyman Roofing can help diagnose your problem with your roofing shingles quickly and develop a solution that fits your budget with a first-rate product. Contact us today to get a free estimate!