04 Dec 2017

When spring comes around, thoughts turn to landscaping, gardening and exterior home improvement projects like staining the deck and painting trim. With all of this emphasis on the ground and sides of the house, the roof often gets neglected. This very important part of your home benefits greatly from a seasonal inspection to make sure everything is okay. Taking care of small issues is much easier than dealing with big problems. We’ve put together a few tips on spring cleaning your Florida roof to keep it in tip-top shape.

Spring cleaning roof tips for Florida homeowners

1.       Start early in the season.

Early spring is the best, and most comfortable, time to inspect your home’s roof. This way, you will avoid the extreme heat of the summer.

2.       Clean gutters and downspouts.

Between birds, squirrels and the weather, gutters can collect a large amount of leaves, twigs and other debris. If debris gets clogged up in the downspouts, rain water can overflow causing structural damage to the roof. Gutters that are full of water are heavy, which can cause them to pull away from the roof and fall off. After unclogging the downspouts, rinse out the gutters with a garden hose.

3.       Inspect shingles, pipes and chimneys.

Check for loose, buckling or missing shingles. Inspect around pipes, flashing and chimneys for loose or missing pieces.

4.       Check for algae or fungus.

When an area of the roof stays damp for too long, algae and fungus can start to form. If it is not treated, it can eat through the roof and cause damage. You should also check inside the house for water damage on ceilings and walls. This can be a sign of a leaking or moldy roof.

5.       Trim tree branches.

Tree branches can scrape against the roof and cause damage to shingles or structural parts of the roof. Trimming branches prevents the roof from getting too much shade and moisture, which can result in the growth of mold or fungus.

If you are unable to inspect your roof, or feel that you need a professional opinion, give Handyman Roofing a call for a free roof inspection. We have more than 35 years of experience in providing roof inspections that identify specific concerns and prevent potential problems.