04 Dec 2017

Over time, the seasons come and go, causing weakening and eroding of most shingle types. For most homeowners, a typical roof can last between 15 and 25 years after installation*. Asphalt shingles will probably last about 20 years before needing replacement. Inevitably, a roof repair or total replacement will be necessary. A roofing project is dependent upon many factors, including the type of material needed (shingles, tiles or flat roof) the geography of where the home is located, and the availability of companies to perform the work. Roofing projects can be scheduled for any season, the only prohibiting factors are freezing conditions or rain. The best scenario is when a homeowner has planned ahead to have roof work done and is not making a quick decision due to a festering problem that has become worse.

In the winter, especially in Florida, the milder weather may be ideal for a roof replacement. This is normally a drier season so rain is not in the forecast. Some roofers will appreciate the cooler weather and may be experiencing a slow down in requests. Most shingle manufacturers do not recommend installing below 40 degrees due to adhesion issues. In other parts of the country, winter is not an ideal time for roofing projects.

Spring is a time for opening up the windows and doors, sprucing up the landscaping and taking note of repairs that may have gone unnoticed in the winter months. Investigate any water spots in the ceiling or walls, this is usually the first evidence of a roof issue. This busy time for home improvement may affect the demand for roofing expertise and materials. Start your inquiry process and schedule for your needs early in the season, before summer heat sets in. Don’t be surprised if you are competing with others seeking quotes and specific time frames.

Summer’s extreme temperatures make it uncomfortable to work for long hours outdoors. Shingle installation must be done carefully to avoid damage. Shingles need time to settle and the high heat of summer may soften the asphalt component, making them susceptible to scuffs or tearing during installation.  Late summer is often when roofing requests have ramped up. Plan ahead, roofing service requests tend to start increasing in the second half of the year.

Autumn brings cooler air and preparations for the holidays. Many homeowners like to schedule major renovation work before the new year or before freezing temperatures set in. Fall temperatures are ideal for shingle installation, allowing the seal to take hold as it should. Nationally, this is one of the busiest seasons for roofing contractors.

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*Actual roof warranty terms are dependent upon products and systems installed. Actual warranty ranges may vary and are explained in plain language before your project starts.